What is VEEP!?



VEEP! stands for Video Evaluations by Elite Professionals. This is an amazing opportunity to have your gymnastics viewed by your idol!

Want to get advice on your Yurchenko from the World Vault Champion? Ask Alicia Sacramone.

Like to hear what the World Champion on Bars has to say about your giants? Have Hollie Vise help you out.

Can’t get that beam turn solid? Have the inventor of the triple turn, Betty Okino, show you how.

After submitting videos of your skill, you will receive a PERSONALIZED video with corrections and tips on how to improve from one of the best in the world!


* Prior to recording, please take a look at our Video Guide to see video and recording requirements. 


VEEP! Submission Process

Getting your video in front of your idol is now easier than ever!

Just follow these simple steps to pay and submit your video.

  1. Choose your Elite Professional.
  2. Click on the payment link under your selected Elite Professional and complete payment.
  3. Click on ‘Return to Merchant’ to be redirected your Elite Professional’s VEEP! page, where you will answer questions about yourself, confirm video/recording requirements and upload your videos.
  4. Wait for an email with a link to your own VEEP!

It’s that simple!


VEEP! Pricing

Video Evaluations by Elite Professionals are $175.00 per video.

I’m ready, let me pick my elite professional!